LearningCreative Community Projects

A series of creative learning experiences spanning the past six years of my career as a youth advocate, creativity learning mentor and project developer.

Movement City, Young Inventors Club, World Builders, Computer Clubhouse, Adobe Youth Voices, The Young Producers, Adult Computer Literacy Workshops





Currently working on a little artsy book reflecting on my learning path and the projects I’ve been “quilting” along the way.  The book is being produced as a self-directed writing project under the hashtag #MyDiyMFA.  If you’d like to see the ideas and influences helping to shape this project please visit the @RockshelfStudio twitter feed.




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The Spiral Arts Project

Spiral Arts is an entrepreneurial project that strives to connect community-based businesses and organizations with local artists working across diverse mediums to produce cost effective communication services that amplify mission.  In the summer of 2015, Spiral Arts was awarded the grand prize in the Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) business accelerator program.  Spiral Arts now serves several local entrepreneurs and in the process has become the revenue generating engine for Rockshelf Studio, providing the resources needed to make new art projects possible.

Services Include:

Creative Communications

Multimedia Design

More Information Coming Soon!