Entrepreneurship Path: On Customers & Value

change by design 2

Inspired by the entrepreneurial momentum of the EforAll Accelerator and the questions surfacing in the MITx User Innovation online course on Edx.org, I’m rereading some of the books that really made an impact on my decision to explore entrepreneurship.  

This week’s re-read is written by Tim Brown, CEO of the global design company IDEO:

Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation

For those of you who are visual learners and design thinkers, here’s a linked summary of the book in a mind-map format made available by ThinkLikeAnInnovator.com. mind map on design thinking Over the past two weeks the challenge has been to shape my business concept into something easily understood and identifiable by potential customers.  This requires knowing who your customer is (Customer Segment) and what is the specific problem your product or service will solve (Value Proposition). Amusingly enough, the prompt that has helped me focus my thinking around these two components came from an EforAll media clip presentation exploring the following line of inquiry:  “I wonder what job people hire a milkshake for.” Between EforAll workshops, MITx User Innovation classes and re-reading Change by Design, my brain is swimming in a sea of ideas and I’m already beginning to catch some waves! Mind-maps have been extremely helpful with connecting ideas and hammering out a starting point for the Spiral Arts Project. Check out the MITx course trailer below and let me know what problem or challenge in your everyday life has had you “hiring milkshakes” on your drive to work and drafting business plans as potential solutions.

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